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Hercules Release Versions

This is a new binary distribution.  It does not
require Cygwin in any form, as it is built using a native Windows based compiler
(Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Express).

To use those new binaries, unpack/install them into a directory in your path, and run
the hercules executable.  That's all

Available Hercules Versions

The following "Native Windows" Hercules versions are currently available for download:

Available Source Archives and precompiled binaries
Source Archive Precompiled Binaries
Emulated Processors
2 8 16 32
Hercules Version: 3.03
Release Date: 2005-12-21
Source Archive: Click to download
Click to download Click to download Click to download Click to download

Which CPU Type?

For the Cygwin version you can chose versions of Hercules specially optimized for a specific processor. This option is not available for the MS Visual C++ compiler suite, and therefore no CPU optimized versions are available for the MSVC binaries.,

Enjoy your private Hercules mainframe

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