c3270 Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a problem building, installing, or running c3270, please browse through this file first.


Am I allowed to use it?

Yes. Full copyright information is in the Lineage file, but the gist is that anyone is free to use the code, and anyone is free to sell copies of the code.

You are also free to modify it and to redistribute it, provided you preserve the existing copyright notices.


If you are still having a problem with c3270, feel free to send e-mail to Paul Mattes, Paul.Mattes@usa.net No guarantees are made about responses to particular problems, but a patches are usually forthcoming in a few days. It will also get you on an x3270 mailing list, which also includes information on c3270, and where you can find out about new releases and bug fixes.

When you send a question about c3270, please include the following information. It makes it much easier to narrow down the problem.

  1. The version of c3270 you are using, including all patches, e.g., "3.2.5".
  2. What kind of machine you are running on, e.g., "Sun SPARC-10".
  3. What operating system you are running, and what version, e.g., "SunOS 4.1.3_U1" or "Irix 5.2". The "uname -a" command will usually provide this information.
Complaints, suggestions, requests for enhancements, and porting experiences are also welcome. Code changes for bug fixes and enhancements are also welcome, provided that you don't mind your code being placed (often anonymously) in the public domain.