Checklist & Table of Contents

INS0010Build Starter System and DASD images
INS0020Write IPL Text
STARTSTARTER or INS0030Start the Starter System
Running SYSGEN jobs
SG0010Prepare for Sysgen
SG0020Create Master Catalog
SG0030Allocate DLIB files
SG0040Receive product tape
INS0040Write Snapshot # 1
SG0050Receive product maintenance
SG0060Install BTAM
SG0070Install BCP
SG0080Install Networking
SG0090Install processor support
SG0100Install JES2
SG0110Change PTF Install instructions JES2
SG0120Allocate SYSGEN files
SG0130Rebuild assembler IFOX00
INS0050Build Page volumes
INS0060Snapshot # 2
SG0140Support for new DASD, part 1
SG0150Support for new DASD, part 2
Stage 1
Console definitions
Printer definitions
Card reader und puncher definitions
Display station definitions
DASD device definitions
Tape device definitions
Channel-to-Channel adapter definitions
SG0170Get Stage1 output
INS0070Build STAGE2 jobstream
INS0080Build additional DASD volumes jobstream
INS0090Time for Snapshot # 3
SG0190Build JES2
STARTMVS or INS0100Start the new MVS
SG0220Build a Spool Volume
OutqueueOutput Queue definitions
InqueuesInput Queue definitions
SG0230Remove spool from MVSDLB
SG0240Allocate VTAM and TSO files
SG0250Build VTAM and TSO Libraries and Procs
SG0260Assemble VTAM Tables
Start VTAM 
SG0270Build Usercat for TSO Users
SG0280Build Control Datasets etc
SG0290Add TSO Users
STOPVTAMShutting down TSO and VTAM
INS0110Take Snapshot # 4
SG0300Install RPF
SG0310Install TSO procedures
SG0320Build SMP Procedures
SG0330Build SMP Libraries
SG0350Install a USERMOD (ZUM0001)
SG0360Exclude broken PTFs
SG0370Fix PTFs
INS0120Take Snapshot # 5
SG0380Mass Mode Apply of all SYSMODS
SG0390Mass Mode ACCEPT of all PTFs SYSMODS
SG0400Clean up SMP/4 environment
INS0130Take Snapshot # 6
OS and JES2 Commands Cheat Sheet 
VTAM Commands Cheat Sheet