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MOVELOAD - Preload IEHMOVE modules for faster execution

What does it do?

Actually, this module has two entry points, which work differently

Load IEHMOVE modules & link to IEHMOVE
Load/Delete IEHMOVE modules

When using IEHMOVE on small data sets, IEHMOVE can do as much I/O loading its modules as copying data. This program pre-loads all RENT or REUS IEHMOVE modules to avoid the program load I/O.

Since the normal IEHMOVE requires APF authorization to run, this module hase to be linked AC=1 to run it.

( Note that there are Zap's which allow IEHMOVE to run without APF authorization for a major subset of functions. There are also Zap's which allow VIO work files for IEHMOVE ).

Required DD names

Same as for IEHMOVE


Assembly and Link JCL can be found in SYS1.SETUP.CNTL(MOVELOD$).
Execution JCL can be found in SYS1.SETUP.CNTL(MOVELOD#)


Although this program has been tested on the Turnkey MVS system Version 3 it is not guaranteed to be bug-free (which program is?)

Use at your own risk